Sunday, December 4, 2011

Large companies in Spain to recruit Erasmus

Seventeen major companies join the program 'Recruiting Erasmus'.
Today 92% of those registered are Spanish, mainly with engineering.
Connecting companies, teachers and young people to work in the international arena.

Seventeen major companies operating in Spain have joined a program called Erasmus Recruiting , aimed at recruiting students with international profile of Spanish universities, which was created four years ago by the human resources consulting PeopleMatters.

The program brings together businesses, teachers and students the world able to work internationally. It is the only private program that has the support of 60 Spanish universities.

The program focuses on students who have lived an international experience , and currently has a database consisting of 20,000 students who have the "right profile" by participating companies.

In turn, the program distinguishes between four groups of participants : students who are beginning their experience outside, others who have returned after a year abroad (whether licensed or not), those who already have entered the labor market, and Finally, foreigners who come to Spain to study.

Most Spanish

Currently 92% of participants in Erasmus Recruiting is Spanish and the other 8% of the rest of Europe and Latin America mainly. Some multinational companies in the program have a "high interest" in these young people who can form in Spain and then work on other delegations of the company in the world.

For such studies include engineering (32%), Business Administration (26%), Information Sciences (8%), social sciences (7%), Humanities (6%), Law (6%) and Experimental Sciences (6%).

The companies participating in the program are: Abbott, Banesto, BBVA, CLH, Gas Natural Group, Heineken, Iberia, Ikea, Inditex, Janssen, Kellogg, Merck, Prosegur, Siemens, Tecnalia, USP Hospitals and Vodafone.

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