Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marketing easy or difficult

We all have choices in our life and I remember saying that a few years ago -. "Experiences should be difficult to learn" I remember the look I got from a person who had gone through a life experience that I and "knew" was being, for lack of a better word, a martyr. However, I was "everything is" at the time and created enough of me, that if something is worth learning, and well worth doing so, it must be difficult.

False ! When I started my business, marketing was difficult .

It was difficult because I was saying it was hard. Even that is hard to say, "I was not a seller. I just want to do the best I can do, and where are the potential customers for me." I was my own team of animators, " Marketing is not hard "a yy again. The fact is that nothing is difficult if you believe it. For many people who say that everything is difficult, and nothing is easy if you believe. Now, how to do something easy?

1. First - that he (or they) your partner and not give up the fight! Let me give a personal example. I remember when I first arrived with a new style of marketing approach, people did not understand, and of course, did not support it.

What I realized was that people really were doing a favor. I knew, deep inside me, and something that fueled the fire within me. I began to really appreciate your help negative almost to the point of asking more of ... but I did not. Because people became my allies, now I have a business to help others find their domestic market.


Write an example of negative marketing and what you're struggling to turn it into something positive.

2. Keep it simple "The marketing is" simple "and let people know, what you do. How many times have you thought, I needed some big marketing plan designed to make successful connections? Of course, the next step after that is when you I thought I needed a plan developed with the tracks and marketing? To put it simply, think about what you enjoy doing.

I like to bring to entrepreneurs brainstorm , both in person and by teleconference. They really get a lot of potential customers. It is "simply" making a band together in a format that I like and as a facilitator, all participants know what they do because I talk about my business. Write what you enjoy doing and meet with potential customers.

Then create a format to benefit their business and introduce yourself.

3. Write from the heart - Tell a story of an experience . As articles on the internet or in print that is one of the best ways to get in front of people. Guess what I heard? "Nobody wants to read something of mine and I'm not a good writer." (So ​​they say). My response to "Nobody wants to read something of mine is that I do not underestimate. So many of us take for granted our talents or even look at them as talents.

I bet if you searched. On the Internet is something for sale as a product or service you comes naturally and you can do better. If you think you're not a good writer, just tell a story and write from the heart. There is nothing better than that. Marketing can be very simple and basic if you let it be.

You can make it difficult, or it can be seen for what it is - other giving, what they do through a basic and simple method.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Public Education

Public education is necessary for children. These schools are supported by taxes people.Public education is the education needed for children, as required by the laws of government - national, regional or local - and the financial support of civil aviation through taxes. 

Public education is often provided basic education, K-12 education, primary and secondary education. Most of the time, public education is not always to post-secondary education, training or universities, colleges or technical institutes.  ( Online Degrees )

Education System
Public education in the United States is usually controlled by individual states. These were, in turn, delegate the task of daily operations for school districts to work locally. Local elected school boards of direct public school districts and high schools, in accordance with the guidelines of the state government.

In other countries, the public education system is centralized at the national level, such as France, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Defined education
public education is often to groups of students in a class. "Public education is not the same as" public schools because public education can be done at home or in other places such as malls and offices.

"Public education is not similar to the" publicly funded education. "The government can finance education that may not necessarily be public education. Publicly funded education is in the form of grants in aid to private schools and voucher systems.

A public school can not rely on public funding as money donated by philanthropists. What makes public schools is the fact that it is owned by the public and private person / entity.

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) said that public education in the November 23, 1900 speech: .. "Every time a school, you will have to build a prison What is gained by one side loses the other 's as the" feed a dog in the queue. It is not fatten the dog. "Schools, therefore, is a necessary tool to combat crime and violence.

Education Funding
No Child Left Behind gives the Department of Education the power to withhold state funds if a school district or have violated certain rules and not make efforts to comply. Federal funds, however, does not include a piece huge education funding.

Most funding for public education comes from state government and local property taxes. Several organizations made up primarily of teachers have been pushing for more funding and reforms in the allocation of tax money as some schools have limited funding compared to other schools in wealthier districts.

Public education offers students the opportunity to progress and a better future. It also translates into a more peaceful and orderly. Government, therefore, should provide funding for public schools a priority.