Monday, September 13, 2010

All About Twitter

While MySpace, Facebook and Orkut have already changed the way their users socialize, there is always demand for more. New technologies, simpler applications, ease of use have lead to innovations in the online world. Just when you thought you were accustomed to one social networking site, there's news: Tweeting in your PC.

Social networking sites and blogs are now the fourth most popular online activity and are growing in popularity twice as quickly as traditional online pursuits, such as email and searching. The Nielsen Online research found that 67 per cent of web users visit social networks and blogs, which now account for 10 percent of all time spent on the Internet, reports The 'in' thing among social networking websites is Twitter.

Twitter - a free social networking and micro-blogging service - enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known all followers.

Jack Dorsey created Twitter in 2006 and its simplicity has made it a rage among Internet users. Twitter asks one question, "What are you doing?" and the answers being under 140 characters can be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web.
Twitter is sometimes described as the "SMS of the Internet". Unlike Orkut and Facebook where you have 'friends', Twitter allows you to follow people whom you want to see updates from. The idea behind other social sites is to connect people that already know one another while the idea behind Twitter is to allow you to connect people that you find interesting, but don't necessarily know. Both have their weighed pros and cons.

How do I get started?
On the page find a link which reads, 'Get Started - Join'. All you have to do is to enter your full name and email address and choose a user name and a password. If you have accounts with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or MSN, you can use any of them to find friends who are already using this service. You are also offered a list of famous tweeters you can follow.
You can then start tweeting, by typing in the box on top of the page whatever you want to say. Although you're asked 'What are you doing?' you can post anything you want. Tweets can also be deleted. You can also reply to tweets of people you follow.

How do I follow?
When you create an account, you can search for people by name or user name, import friends from other networks, or invite friends via email. Once you've found your friends, follow them to start getting their updates. Following someone simply means receiving his/her Twitter updates. When you follow someone, every time he/she posts a new message, it will appear in your Twitter home page.

When you sign up for Twitter, you have the option of keeping your account public (the default account setting) or protecting the account to keep your updates private. Protected accounts receive a follow request every time someone wants to follow him/her and only approved followers are able to see the profile page.

While the UK Government has made it official to Tweet for its civil servants, Twitter has a long way to go in India. In the meantime, for all those who like to keep themselves updated and in the loop, Twitter's the way to get you there.

Friday, September 3, 2010

How to teach children

The alphabet fun and easy to love the environment and teach our children respect for the world they are growing. From A to Z of tap water in gourds that become sponges and beautiful princesses carriages ...

A for water friend
Tap water in most of Italy, is healthy as or more than we buy. Just ask your place of residence or the company that controls the water, a detailed analysis of its components to go safe. If you think your water has a take taste, often depends on the pipes through which it passes. If the water in your area is safe, begin to drink it: saving money and plastic. Teach your children to take a shower, and not just the bath, and turn off the taps while brushing their teeth immediately after washing their hands, started using a reduced flow and do not overdo it with hot water for tea and herbal tea a baby just two cups warm!

B as a Bicycle
What a beautiful move in a bike! Teach your children the love for two wheels using it whenever you can. Before traveling with you, then, after simple rules, you can take them on bike paths in town or country. Zero gasoline, zero traffic, free views, wellness and fun, what more do you want?

C as environmentally friendly Dollhouse
How should a house really be green? Teach your children playing with them. You can build you a house made from recycled paper or wood, or come together in wonderful You're a Natural Dollhousethe dolls' house with solar panels, recycled materials, bins for recycling and all the mini-need to find - even as adults - as it should be a home test environment.

Differentiating D as waste
A blue plastic bag, a transparent organic waste, paper bags and cartons. The collection is a bit 'busy - schedules and instructions to follow - but really save the environment. It can turn into a nice game to play with your kids. For example you can name them, in turn, super-responsible for a waste category! will have to make sure all family members respect the right bag and you can tell, like a fairy tale, where they end up all waste. We do feel involved in the operation of recycling and will learn the value of each material.

How Eco snack bag
The ecological picnic basket? To accomplish here the tutorial with explanations. So to wrap cakes and biscuits will do less than paper and plastic that are so bad environment.

F Take a picnic as ecological
What's nicer than a picnic on the lawn? The important thing is behaving in an environmentally friendly way down, like Yogi Bear Ranger! As suggested by the website 100 Environment: use seasonal produce, organic if available, and zero km, buying directly from the farm foods to be consumed in the country, use biodegradable plates and cups, avoiding plastic, use the leftovers to produce the excellent fertilizer for household plants and flowers, choose foods instead of packaged bulk, "eliminating" the products with packaging (packaging) expensive and harmful.

G as ecological games
Fun with nature can be a breeze! Buy a good book on plants, trees or birds in your area and a walk Sunday to dedicate a search with your little explorers. You also guided the friendly recycling truck all over the internet or watch the cartoon that teaches ecology. During the winter days built with some games using the board, or draw using our designs (printed on recycled paper)

H as eco-friendly hotel
Environmentally sustainable tourism means respect for nature and culture that go to visit. Idea in more eco-friendly? Staying in hotels with his family, ecological, such as those suggested on VitaNaturale

I like pollute less
Accustom your children to use a little soap, a little bubble bath in bath salts, scented and colored instead of liquid, solid shampoo and little foam. Never throw the paper on the floor, do not throw objects out the window nor cigarette butts along the street. You must be the first good example for your budding environmentalists!

The machine as
How dirty laundry with the children in the house! Yet even when we try every day by washing their clothes is good to learn simple rules: use class appliances, load up the basket, prewashed to avoid high temperatures, use the washing machine at night when consumption is lower.

M as sea bathing
The sea moves and entertains your children but it is important to teach respect for this delicate ecosystem. A smart way? Follow the Decalogue for the Protection of the Sea, suggested by the website of the Ministry environment. The advice, simple and immediate, may seem trivial, but it is important that the behavior becomes more natural from the bag for waste with respect for animals and plants!

N as ecological Grandparents
Grandparents, unwittingly, are often the best educators in terms of environment. Accustomed to grow with few amenities, will be the first to suggest healthy snacks of bread and oil, games and stories instead of TV, laundry and walking instead of appliances and automobiles. Grandparents can be a real asset green, why not take advantage?

Or aware Garden
Cultivating a garden is one of the most enjoyable and constructive experience for a child. The important thing is to do so in full respect of nature. Planting a tree or grow fresh strawberries will be beautiful and healthy for nature by following the useful suggestions of, which explains, in ten little rules, like planting a beautiful garden without pesticides, recycling water and using only natural fertilizers!

P as ecological Diapers
Did you know that a disposable nappy takes 500 years to be disposed of? ecopannolini The cotton terry cloth, to wash and dry in the sun, the answer to this unnecessary waste. Smell of laundry, cost nothing and require only a little 'patience in cleaning. Ask at your local special kit - in some cities like Genoa initiatives have been launched - or are here all the information you need!

Q When is conceived as an eco-baby
Have you ever thought that the unbridled passion of love can be experienced in the sign of respect for the environment? Do not miss the fun on the Ten Commandments written by the Make Love ecological green warriors of Greenpeace!

R for Recycle
The collection is only one step of the beautiful art of recycling. Have you tried using plastic bottles with imagination - can become beautiful vases for flowers - and to accustom your children to notebooks of recycled paper? On packed with lots of ideas to create with straws, cups, plastic. Realize bookmarks, clothes and even Christmas decorations, all in style eco-friendly!

S as expenditure on tap
Giant distributors of products of good quality - detergent, milk, cereals and even candy for all tastes for breakfast for your children - can be found in almost every town and tell us a new way of shopping, respectful of nature, cheaper and practical. Also rid you of containers and packaging found on the Ecospheres retailers detergents on tap closest to your area, and here for those of milk on tap!

T as T-shirts to be reused
T-shirts that no longer use? Use old T-shirts and sweatshirts escaped the cabinet change, transforming into other animals, as suggested by Eco-Blog! Cut the labels and printouts designed to create beautiful bags or blankets and keep them in a closet. Will be the vintage of the upcoming arrival!

U as organic eggs and other healthy foods
Choose healthy food for your children. No GMOs, no vegetables grown with fertilizers, buy eggs from your farmer confidence. You must not seek to force the bio that is so fashionable, but rather choose healthy foods, eat less meat, less fat and teach your children the value of food that is not a reward or a punishment against the whims but a key for their lives.

V as holiday nature
An idea for the summer of your children? Try one of the many journeys of nature organized by WWF and Legambiente. Together with their peers in an environment rich in ecological ideas (from the parks of Tuscany to the sea adventures in Italian islands) your children will learn to live together, respect and love for the environment!

Z as the Cinderella pumpkin (you can do it better sponges and the TV!)
You know how many things you can do with a pumpkin? A delicious risotto, a big face for Halloween, cakes and pancakes, beauty creams, a natural sponge for the bathroom and even a carriage for a princess. Discover the beauty of simple things that surround us. And never forget the bedtime story. Which is the better the TV, no pollution, no noise and makes serene dreams of your children!