Friday, February 3, 2012

Storm of cold and snow in Spain

Temporary cooling in Spain leaves 40 thousand students without lessons in Catalonia

Nearly 40,000 students from some 120 schools were canceled Friday classes in Catalonia due to the storm of cold and snow that has shaken this region of northeastern Spain, said the Interior counseling Catalan autonomous government. Most schools that suspended its activity is found in Girona, where a total of 61 closed, the report said. Some schools closed because of damage to the heating and not by the wave of snow and cold, said at a press conference the Minister of Interior Catalan , Felip Puig. Puig noted that some schools closed by decision of the mayor, although the regional authorities had decided yesterday that schools would open in Barcelona, where classes were suspended yesterday. The Catalan government also decided to halt the intercity bus transportation to avoid accidents due to ice sheets. The day before, a bus with 18 students had suffered an accident that caused no injuries. According to the Catalan Traffic Service, snow and cold caused disturbances in the Catalan road network, where several roads had to be closed. Also, about 800 people in coastal areas suffered power cuts that were solved, said the power company Endesa. Since the beginning of the cold weather, the Red Cross has received about 4,000 people in Catalonia and mobilized more than 200 technicians and volunteers to assist people more vulnerable.