Sunday, December 4, 2011

Large companies in Spain to recruit Erasmus

Seventeen major companies join the program 'Recruiting Erasmus'.
Today 92% of those registered are Spanish, mainly with engineering.
Connecting companies, teachers and young people to work in the international arena.

Seventeen major companies operating in Spain have joined a program called Erasmus Recruiting , aimed at recruiting students with international profile of Spanish universities, which was created four years ago by the human resources consulting PeopleMatters.

The program brings together businesses, teachers and students the world able to work internationally. It is the only private program that has the support of 60 Spanish universities.

The program focuses on students who have lived an international experience , and currently has a database consisting of 20,000 students who have the "right profile" by participating companies.

In turn, the program distinguishes between four groups of participants : students who are beginning their experience outside, others who have returned after a year abroad (whether licensed or not), those who already have entered the labor market, and Finally, foreigners who come to Spain to study.

Most Spanish

Currently 92% of participants in Erasmus Recruiting is Spanish and the other 8% of the rest of Europe and Latin America mainly. Some multinational companies in the program have a "high interest" in these young people who can form in Spain and then work on other delegations of the company in the world.

For such studies include engineering (32%), Business Administration (26%), Information Sciences (8%), social sciences (7%), Humanities (6%), Law (6%) and Experimental Sciences (6%).

The companies participating in the program are: Abbott, Banesto, BBVA, CLH, Gas Natural Group, Heineken, Iberia, Ikea, Inditex, Janssen, Kellogg, Merck, Prosegur, Siemens, Tecnalia, USP Hospitals and Vodafone.

Creating a Fire type text in Photoshop

How to create a text type Fire in Photoshop

Hi everyone in this first tutorial will teach you how to create a fire text in photoshop style, this program is very difficult but not impossible to use just enough enthusiasm to have a good to learn to create anything they can think in this program is very fun to be creating images , text or other creations we desire.

The first thing to do is go into photoshop Go to  File-New  and I see a window where we must enter the name of the file for example: fire type, below where it says 1200 pixels wide and we will give you 1024 pixels height. In Here you enter the width and height of my monitor if you need to enter your monitor. Then where it says we leave resolution of 72 pixels / inch is the most recommended because it will have a higher resolution when saving the document. In RGB mode to leave it as it is better visualize the image .

Well it's time to start with the fun, after having entered the data style start by the fire.

1: We leave the colored black as black as the front will highlight more clearly the working document.

2: Then we go to the text tool to enter text such as: TEXT TYPE FIRE, by clicking the Text tool will appear right next to a layer where the text will be named after you change the font, size and center the text. Then we click the text layer right and we will rasterize text. In case you did not have that option we're going to  Menu-Rasterize layer context.

3: Then we are at the text layer and drag the layer to the icons below to duplicate the layer.

Then copy and hide the layer we put ourselves back into the original and press Ctrl + E to merge the text layer with the background.

4: After we go to  Image-Rotate Canvas-90-ac . And the text will change to vertical

We will begin to give effect to the text we're going to  Filter-Stylize-Wind , we see a window where the wind will tell you either to the left and give ok. And we see that start to change the text but the wind effect applied four times then we will go back to filter but in tests we have selected case we will see wind, the first in the list and apply it four times and remain as in the image .

4: After having applied the wind we'll go back to  Filter-Blur-Gaussian  and we see a window in this case we will give you 2 pixels. Then we will not go to  Image-Rotate Canvas-90-ACD  and see that we again put the text as it was.

We go to  Filter-Blend , and opens a window where you choose Turbulence. In brush size we can enter a larger size from 50 to 60% to simulate the flames and to simulate melting points in flames we can enter a 36 or less to create a good effect.

Just as in the image.

5: Now you will let us colored  Imagen-Ajustes-Tono/saturaciĆ³n  box and select the color that is in the lower right. Then entered in tone and saturation to 40 100 and we will see that and we are creating the color you want and give OK.

6: Then we are at where we are working layer which is joined to the bottom and drag the icon down like we did with the text layer and duplicate the layer.

Then we are located in the copy layer and go to  Imagen-Ajustes-Tono/saturaciĆ³n  but now he only admitted to select colors and give tone -20 OK.

Then we go to the fusion of the layers and we superimpose

7: Then We will make visible the text copy layer by clicking on the eye and give you right click  options  fusion  and opens a window and add a gradient overlay option we choose the gradient and see that we change the text, we give Gradient and click opens a window where we have many colors we are at the color palette foreground and we put a black and brown the other side a clear and we ok.Y where it says scale it run till the end to have a good contrast. As shown in the picture.

8: Now we go to   Layers-Flatten Image  and you will see that we unite all the layers.

After the image again drag the icon below and duplicate the layer.

Now create a reflection for our text more realistic fire.

We are located in the layer copy, but hide the original layer by clicking the eye, now if we put ourselves in the copy and go to the magic wand and select all the text and click on the keyboard  the key  Del  and see what we removes all color and only selected text.

We go to the  Select menu, deselect  and We will make visible the original layer.

Now we go to Edit -Transform-free and we create a box around the text in the box we put ourselves in the middle and drag it down and we validate. We will see that we have already been created our reflection.

9: Finally we will remove a bit of reflection to get more realism to the text, now we are at a 300 brush and eliminate the reflection, lowered the opacity to 31 and we have our text ready and fire type.

10: Now we can only save the image for this we go to  File-Save As  window appears and we give it a name and give you the option Format  JPEG  and we save.

It opens another window, but we like this and give OK. And we have our image ready 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quality education for Medellin

Network is strengthened for quality education for Medellin 

Currently 35 educational institutions belonging to the Network of Educational Quality Management, coordinated and sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Medellin and Proantioquia. To join simply say "I love you!"

With this sentence, Myriam Montes Tamayo, Montessori school principal, who has been a leader of the Network, invites those public and private schools to be part of an interdisciplinary team of teachers, principals, teachers and principals, who for three 3 years work to generate proposals and strategies to strengthen the educational system of the city.

What is the purpose?

The policy explains it as a network in which "seeks to collect a series of experiences, products and analysis on key issues teachers do that help drive the process and quality of Medellin."

Who's up?

All official academic or private sector who wish to participate in City construction project.

How long does it take?

Three years of work.

What is the methodology of participation?

Once a school decides to become a member or Proantioquia should be addressed to the Secretary of Education and complete a registration form. Then, you define what you want to integrate node.

The network is divided into 3 nodes:

Systematization and Research Node, inside has 3 working groups. One is working routes education of students, one investigates the students' perception on teachers, and the third, he worked a research article that was done last year.
Training Node: seeks to identify the characteristics of good teachers and ask how they should be training policies for teachers in Medellin.
Node Disclosure: who is responsible for collecting the products of the other nodes and design strategies to socialize with the educational community.

The act of socialization experiences of the nodes of this year, held in the auditorium of Proantioquia attended Ana Lucia Hincapie, Deputy Secretary of Quality Education.

The official applauded clustering model has integrated education because the experiences of both official and private sector.

He stressed the methodological process of the nodes and the network capacity to manage knowledge and systematize it. He also suggested that the products and research are brought to the classroom by teachers to generate reflections from there.

He stressed that both the Ministry of Education as Proantioquia have been facilitators of this process of knowledge management, thus: "The applause is for you, master," concluded the Secretary.

Scientist creates a free website for learning languages

The Guatemalan Luis von Ahn, a professor in the School of Computer Science Carmegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA) today launched a beta version of a free site for learning languages.

The new draft Von Ahn, who at 33 has been considered one of the 50 most influential people in the world of technology, is the web

The system assesses students by level and provides simple sentences to translate.

If the user does not know a word, the program reveals its meaning and hints for the student to remember the next time.

At the same time can see how they have translated the same sentence as other students from anywhere in the world and start learning the language dynamically. Once past a certain level, more complex sentences are introduced.

So far have begun with the Spanish and German, but later came the French, Italian and Chinese.

Von Ahn, a graduate in Computer Science in 2003 by Duke University (North Carolina) and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) in 2005, was included in this year's top 10 New Faces of Ibero-American thought Foreign Policy magazine.

Its success lies in trying to develop programs using the human capacity to solve problems that computers are not yet able to solve.

It is especially known for Captcha and ReCaptcha program, a computer security application that uses distorted letters and numbers that the user has to type correctly in a section blank.

This application incorporates many websites to block automatically generated spam and network attacks, and that only humans are able to fill that space.