Thursday, March 11, 2010

Water on the moon

Water on the moon, once again it has found evidence - clear and definite than before. India's first unmanned moon mission Chandrayaan -1 left in NASA's Moon's North Pole present one radar around the ice-filled 40 Kretr (pits) have identified. NASA says that after this search for the moon Saintiston has become even more interesting. The search for information about the NASA Jiofijikl Research Letters journal has been published.

Why important: without water life can not. So it is believed that while water will be there as will stir some life. Moon's shot was a drought and Ujdha. If there would mean we should get Maikrobs Universe Earth, life is not limited. We are not alone.

What's New Search: Chandrayaan -1 present in one of 11 NASA lightweight equipment Mini - SAR (synthetic aperture radar), 15 kilometers from the North Pole on 2 of 40 pits Daymitr discovered. This is less than 10 kg of Radar. Mini - the portion of the moon in SAR has identified these ponds, there would not sunlight. The dark area is very cold. It is believed that water ice than there is fluid in large quantities.

Water - with ice Kretr: Kretron inside and outside surface is highly Ubrkhabr. Because the sharp pointed rocks around Kretr, but the North Pole is rough these Kretr inside, not outside. The reason is substance present in these ponds. NASA considered this unknown substance is water ice. According to NASA it will be deep snow only a few meters above it looks Khurdurapan. It is guessed that the moon 600 million metric tonnes of water ice may exist. Some ice may have been found in the soil of the moon, who could not catch the radar.

Earlier evidence of water: Mini - twice before SAR has found evidence of water on the moon. NASA Moon as the Moon Polar Minrolji Mapr areas identified was the presence of water Molikyuls. It also Mapr Mini - with the Chandrayaan -1 mission SAR has been sent. Before Mapr NASA satellite sensing satellite or Lunr Kretr Objrvesn and the steam Elcros the water Vepr was detected.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rest is Best

There is no end to monotony. The human mind is always on the lookout for renewal. Spend three years in a job, and only a few of us are not starting to feel nervous. But how do you manage to keep your mind and soul as fresh as ever, if the bid is the hour of patience and do not comply lose hope? Here's how to continue.

Take an aimless stroll
Exercise and walking - as most doctors will tell you - is to go always good for your health, but an aimless can make a difference to your state of mind. It gives you the space to think your own thoughts aimlessly without planning your time. But do not do this too often, or rather, not pencil in your diary. As Dr. Sandeep Vohra, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Apollo Hospital, says: "Monotony is because we just get bored. If you plan on hiking, you can get bored with them as well. Keep therefore the change from one activity to another."

Going out with friends
Social contacts can be a mood lifter. All it takes several rounds of conversation and laughter to awaken. If you have spent much time alone, you could bleak. When people listen and get involved to change your mood.

Yoga, exercise, wellness
Dr. Rachana Singh, lifestyle management expert, said exercise helps break monotony by positive liberating your hormones. "I would suggest that you can actively exercise three times a week, actively and passively three times a week. Deep breathing for 15 minutes a day will work wonders - it helps to solve the mind-body balance and help you relax," she says .

Dr. Nikhil Raheja, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, stresses the importance of yoga, exercise, relaxation and self-hypnosis. "It is easy to learn and can work wonders," he says. "A good massage at a spa or pedicure can also renew you," he adds.

Go shopping
Dr. Raheja says that a large shopping can be stress buster. "They do not always have to buy something big, just little things for the house can feel comfortable. Shifting things around, experimenting with colors, patterns, and a couple of changes is always refreshing," he says.

Browse pounds
Browsing in a bookstore or library, you can calm. What is more, if there is a place with a good collection, there's the added joy of discovering new songs and ideas to revive your soul again. Not in the books? Try to find a music shop, read in DVDs or wander through a hobby store.

Pamper yourself
Eat, drink, do things that you love. Discover desire and pleasure - and when you are back in the real world, you will feel refreshed.

Television, if you do not often that treat, re-read an old favorite, get a little comfort, food, or best of all, sit back and listen to music. According to Dr. Raheja, music as a stress-buster and resources for renewal.

Try some adventure
Adventure mean many things. To learn from something new or go rafting or learning a new art - it is a challenge and there are showers. Something new opens up the mind, as you stretch your limits.

Dr. Singh believes it is a good idea to indulge in a hobby. "One or three times a week is a good idea," she adds. "Listening to music, identifying their interests - this can be really positive," she says.

According to Dr. Vohra, may exercise computers or digital games for the mind. "These will help in a certain way and the people, was designed with boredom," he says. Indoor games, all to relieve anxiety and stress.

"Or go bowling, visiting amusement parks," says Dr. Raheja. "Puzzle solving, like crosswords and Sudoku are also mentally demanding."

Take advantage of a weekend
Leaving, a new beach or desert, or a resort - with family or friends or alone - can not only been a buster, but also in new, exciting experiences bring.

Spend time with your loved ones
With people you are comfortable with - or the ones you love - can be reassuring and remember the good things in life.

Statistical analysis of the data suggest that depression associated with spikes in cortisol levels linked to boys and girls after the stress tests, but higher cortisol responses to stress with obesity in girls.