Thursday, March 11, 2010

Water on the moon

Water on the moon, once again it has found evidence - clear and definite than before. India's first unmanned moon mission Chandrayaan -1 left in NASA's Moon's North Pole present one radar around the ice-filled 40 Kretr (pits) have identified. NASA says that after this search for the moon Saintiston has become even more interesting. The search for information about the NASA Jiofijikl Research Letters journal has been published.

Why important: without water life can not. So it is believed that while water will be there as will stir some life. Moon's shot was a drought and Ujdha. If there would mean we should get Maikrobs Universe Earth, life is not limited. We are not alone.

What's New Search: Chandrayaan -1 present in one of 11 NASA lightweight equipment Mini - SAR (synthetic aperture radar), 15 kilometers from the North Pole on 2 of 40 pits Daymitr discovered. This is less than 10 kg of Radar. Mini - the portion of the moon in SAR has identified these ponds, there would not sunlight. The dark area is very cold. It is believed that water ice than there is fluid in large quantities.

Water - with ice Kretr: Kretron inside and outside surface is highly Ubrkhabr. Because the sharp pointed rocks around Kretr, but the North Pole is rough these Kretr inside, not outside. The reason is substance present in these ponds. NASA considered this unknown substance is water ice. According to NASA it will be deep snow only a few meters above it looks Khurdurapan. It is guessed that the moon 600 million metric tonnes of water ice may exist. Some ice may have been found in the soil of the moon, who could not catch the radar.

Earlier evidence of water: Mini - twice before SAR has found evidence of water on the moon. NASA Moon as the Moon Polar Minrolji Mapr areas identified was the presence of water Molikyuls. It also Mapr Mini - with the Chandrayaan -1 mission SAR has been sent. Before Mapr NASA satellite sensing satellite or Lunr Kretr Objrvesn and the steam Elcros the water Vepr was detected.

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