Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To Make Your HDTV Sound Better

Now that you have your new flat panel high definition TV mounted on your living room or bedroom wall and you see how great the picture looks, it’s time to consider improving the audio quality to make the whole experience complete.Don't forget a good sound system not only makes TV sound better but CDs or iPods can be played through them not to mention the fact that games on your PS3 or Xbox will sound better too.

Of course you can spend big bucks on a home theater system that might include a receiver and set of high end speakers but you'll have to place speakers around the room and run wires to them.  There's no question, you'll be getting the best sound possible, but if you don't want the hassle and expense of running wires to speakers and don't want to invest in an expensive receiver you still have some options that will get you part of the way to movie theater sound.Your choices include buying a sound bar or wireless speaker devices and just in case you don't mind stringing a few wires around the room, you can also buy a decent HTiB (home theater in a box) for a reasonable cost.

What is a Sound Bar?
Sound bars are designed to fit under or in some cases, over your screen. They consist of a set of speakers and in most devices, bounce sound off the walls or use DSP chips to create sound that simulates a surround experience.Sound bars don’t offer quite the spatial separation that individual side or rear speakers produce but they can offer a dramatic improvement over what comes with the average HDTV. Sound bars typically cost from $200 to over $1,000 and some come with separate subwoofers.

Vizio VSB210WS
Vizio, a leader in flat panel HDTV sales has recently released the Vizio VSB210WS sound bar. It comes with a wireless subwoofer which makes it easier to find the optimum location for it in the room. Expert reviewers say it does an adequate job of opening up the sound while users say they generally feel they got their money's worth.

Sony HT-CT100
This sound bar from Sony also comes with a subwoofer, and even though it only simulates a 3.1 channel surround sound system, reviewers say it does an impressive job of delivering a lot of sound for the money. Users say the good selection of inputs makes the Sony HT-CT100 able to serve as a receiver in many ways which makes this sound bar a very good value at $299.

For a Few Dollars More
If you're willing to up the ante to the $700 - $1200 range the quality gets better and the number of choices increases. One of the more popular and higher rated sound bars in this price range is the Polk Audio SurroundBar 50 which contains nine drivers, three tweeters, and inputs for all five primary surround channels. The SurroundBar uses patented signal processing to simulate surround sound. It gets good marks from reviewers and costs around $750. It doesn't include a subwoofer.

ZVOX, a company known for home theater systems just introduced two new sound bars. The ZVOX 430 and ZVOX 440 both have wood cabinets and include three speakers and a four inch powered subwoofer The 430 will retail for $449.99 while the 440 will retail for $549.99.

Wireless Transmitter Kits and Speakers
Another option that will save you the trouble of running wires along the walls of your living room to the rear speakers is a wireless transmitter that sends the signals from two speakers to a receiver that drives the speakers. Rocketfish offers a transmitter with a 100' range for around $200. Users say it generally does what it's supposed to do while some reviewers complain that it's underpowered and exhibits a hum when not in use. Boze offers the SL2 Wireless Surround Link for $249. It includes one transmitter and one receiver and is based on 5.8HHz transmission technology that make it less susceptible to interference from other devices. The Kenwood RFU-6100 Wireless Module for Surround Speakers costs $250, has a 100' range and offers 50 watts of amplification per speaker.

Surround Yourself with Retrevo
Whether you think one of these sound bars is for you or you think a home theater in a box might be more to your liking, you can research all the latest gadgets and gear including digital cameras, HDTV, laptops.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Recession in Industry

There is recession in every Industry due to Global melt down and Steel Industry is no exception.It is like History repeats itself.The nature of problem varies from time to time whatever may be the name given to the so called downturn in the growth,the net resultant effect will be on the salried employee who ultimately loses his job.I have witnessed a similar situation some 10 years ago and the name given was Disinvestment in Public sector.The employees feared and searched for greener pastures in private sector.Some employess have left their secured jobs and strugged for years to get settled in Life.Now there is recession every where and Employees are shown Pink slips irrespective of the reasons that have lead to this types of decisions.Ultimately,a person with 2 yrs experience and as well as a persong with 20 yrs of experience has to run pillar to post in search of job which may give stability.Employees are always under constant pressure of not having job security rather than the work pressure.There is no exception to the people working in Gulf region had to face the indirect effects of Global meltdown or Financial upturn therby witnessing Pink slips from the employers.Due to this ,it is not only employess who are under constant mental stress but also the family members who are inevitably share the stress every day.There is disturbance in every aspect and insecurity every time.I question myself that when this constant searching and changing of job ends and when can I hava a stable and peaceful life after having 2 dacaded of professional experience.It remains a million dollar question and we should answew ourselves.

Organisational Commitment Test

Organizational Commitment: What do we really think when we hear /read this title? The first reaction we might give is-A HR topic. A new HRjargon. etc etc... Theoretically- It’s performing beyond your jobresponsibilities in the organization.

Practically-Do we check with ourselves about the organizational commitment?So guys when especially in this time, we are talking about the Job loss and salarycut, can we think about organizational commitment as well?

These are the best time for any HR personnel to figure out who isreally committed to the work and the company. Post appraisals people come andask for -"what is in it for me? I did so well. I did late sittings. I did that...Idid this...” does this all sound familiar?

When the top layer in the company is being fair and honest withthe employees below, its employees' duty to trust them and support them in thebad times. Help the organization sail through even in the rough weather. Itstime for employees to get up and stand together for their organization. Isn't it?

For those who did get their bonus pay and are not sacked (sorryfor being harsh) should really thank god and see how they can perform better toenhance the company's productivity. Employees could try any or all of these andmore to fight the current scenario:

Enhance / Upgrade your own skills

Train your team members

Learn new skills in other areas / functions

Design a new business model, applying creativity, to sell youproduct / project

Help form a Green Team in your organization who would devicemethods to reduce extra expenses in the organizations.

Form a Motivators' Group-To motivate the employees within team aswell beyond.

... And there could be many such. In turn organizations could alsotake few steps to help employees come out of the setback and motivate them tolook forward to better times.

All in all both the shores-employees and Management-need to cometogether to stand strong and fight through with the current times. Remember welearnt long back in school- Together we stand, divided we fall!

HR comes into picture to balance the act at both the ends. Itfunctions as the mid-hanger between Management and Employees. In these times HRplays a very critical role. It has to be alert and Active!

So what are we saying? That HR plays an important role inmotivating employees, increasing their organizational commitment and helpingmanagement take right decisions pertaining to employees.

Employees on the other hand need to be more understandingand careful about their steps. Cautious and open for change.

Managementneeds to Listen and Think. Act cautiously and be open and honest!