Sunday, September 20, 2009

Recession in Industry

There is recession in every Industry due to Global melt down and Steel Industry is no exception.It is like History repeats itself.The nature of problem varies from time to time whatever may be the name given to the so called downturn in the growth,the net resultant effect will be on the salried employee who ultimately loses his job.I have witnessed a similar situation some 10 years ago and the name given was Disinvestment in Public sector.The employees feared and searched for greener pastures in private sector.Some employess have left their secured jobs and strugged for years to get settled in Life.Now there is recession every where and Employees are shown Pink slips irrespective of the reasons that have lead to this types of decisions.Ultimately,a person with 2 yrs experience and as well as a persong with 20 yrs of experience has to run pillar to post in search of job which may give stability.Employees are always under constant pressure of not having job security rather than the work pressure.There is no exception to the people working in Gulf region had to face the indirect effects of Global meltdown or Financial upturn therby witnessing Pink slips from the employers.Due to this ,it is not only employess who are under constant mental stress but also the family members who are inevitably share the stress every day.There is disturbance in every aspect and insecurity every time.I question myself that when this constant searching and changing of job ends and when can I hava a stable and peaceful life after having 2 dacaded of professional experience.It remains a million dollar question and we should answew ourselves.

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