Thursday, July 2, 2015

Falcondo UCE yields to manage their Educational School Bonao

Through an agreement with the mining company Falconbridge Dominicana (Falcondo), the Universidad Central del Este (UCE) expand their teaching to the city of Bonao.

The multinational informed through a statement that the ECU will manage Bonao Educational Center (CEB), "a school with high standards of quality mining company established over 44 years ago."

According to the document signed by David Soares, President of Falconbridge, and Jose Hazim Torres, president of the UCE, the agreements will be implemented through the school Leadership Academy (AL-UCE).

"The alliance with the UCE is the key to give continuity to a quality education, with knowledge sharing, learning and resources to support efforts towards improving learning achievement," Soares said.

He also expressed the commitment of Falcondo with the transition process and monitoring to ensure the quality of teaching in the CEB, "which is a legacy of our mining company, society Bonao and the entire faculty and staff are immensely proud ".

Par Torres agreement represents the beginning of a harmonious, respectful and effective relationship between the Educational Center UCE Bonao and the purpose of work in the service of education at all levels and modalities.

"Insert ourselves in the community of Bonao through CEB allows us to expand our bilingual school with an institution of a long history of success that has provided excellent training to residents of these areas", stated the president of the UCE.

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