Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Request of students and teachers

During the meeting held by secondary students and professors with the Minister of Education, presented the petition to the government must respond today.

Last week students and teachers met with Education Minister Felipe Bulnes, who delivered a petition together, including concerns of all sectors.

The minister promised to deliver a response to this document during the day today. Known then what are the main points of the request of students and teachers.

Constitutional Change
The state must guarantee a free education, Democratic and Quality organized and funded by the State at all levels. What is required is to appear explicitly in the Constitution that education is a fundamental right and public good.

School education
- DesmunicipalizaciĆ³n education . It proposes creating a National System of Public Education under the Ministry of Education, with its own assets and responsible for the administration of public education.

- New funding system to ensure contributions basal to all establishments and not through budget support.

- The creation of a new law teaching career based on merit and experience, which considers stages of professional development.

- Regulation and control of the creation of new subsidized schools . It aims to stop the creation of these facilities until there is legal basis for regulating their existence.

- Free TNE , ensuring school transportation 365 days a year, especially for students regions.

- National Plan for reconstruction of facilities .

- own funding system for vocational education and polytechnic school level to ensure infrastructure in line with scientific and technical advances to make qualified and appropriate to the respective specialties.

- Democratization of school spaces for student participation , reformulating Decree No. 524 with respect to the Student Centers, strengthening the role of these and Secondary Student Federations legally recognized.

Contributions basal
That should benefit the public universities. Also requested an increase in direct fiscal (AFD) permanent and progressive universities in the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (Cruch).

New system of access to universities
In addition, it calls for a new national accreditation system for schools. Asked to ensure a more representative of the socioeconomic reality of the country in the enrollment of each institution, reducing the weight of the PSU in the admission process transparent and assess their relevance.

New System of Scholarships and Student Finance
Are asked to promote a comprehensive restructuring of the scholarship system to end the family debt.

Superintendent of Higher Education
Creating the superintendent shall have the power to oversee and enforce the law establishing the prohibition of profit in any institution of higher education.

Educational Rights of Indigenous Peoples
It asks among other things, increase the amount of the grant indigenous and intercultural create a state university.

Technical Training Centers and Institutes Professionals
New policies to improve technical training centers and professional institutes. If you order a state guarantee to ensure the education offered technical training centers and professional institutes in all regions, creating a national network of free technical education and quality.

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