Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Professional social networks

Dynamic, on the lookout for new, multilingual, etc.. Shape your online reputation by highlighting your skills through professional social networks.

Twitter, Facebook, MSN, etc.. Social networks are now integral parts of your life. In some "tweets" you get to know people around the world get back or simply connect with friends lost touch. But, you know networking? Like traditional social networks, professional social networks allow you to interact and share information on companies, industries and the trades. They are therefore a clever way to create and expand its address book. In addition, this sphere 2.0 Professional allows you to make a difference on the labor market. It increases, in fact, your visibility on the web while increasing your online reputation to help you land a job.

Build your virtual image
The canvas lists thousands of profiles. With you to play the card of the difference. Like a brand, highlight your personality, your qualities, your projects, etc.. The goal: to build a single virtual identity. A series of questions is needed to clearly define your goals and at the same time know you better. The image conveyed must be consistent with your personality and your values. Once done, then set the media on which you want to connect: blogs, business sites, social networks, articles, etc.. Choose your network, you can better target your future contacts.

List of professional sites: is a general network. is oriented towards international profiles. is turned towards the German labor market.

Your profile, a real card
Your profile is a "window" of yourself. In a nutshell, recruiters identify your career, your ambitions and if you fit the position sought. A more detailed paper resume, he articulates from your past experiences a true professional project. This page also highlights your interests. Several essential points must be on your profile:

the position you now occupy,
your previous work experiences,
your skills,
your extra-professional activities: hobbies, ambitions, projects,
links to your projects, articles, blogs, website,
your actions: volunteering, charity work, etc..
Also, think carefully about the keywords used. Companies must be able to easily find on the web. In seconds, your profile will appear on Google pages corresponding to it. Example: product manager cosmetics, English, International.

Note, view profiles and invite members to see your page are two free transactions. However, apply to get in touch with members who are not part of your circle of friends, knowing the identity of individuals who visited your page, two things are paying.

Boost your online reputation
Dynamics, listening to others and reagent are the main qualities to highlight. Professional sites offer, in fact, the ability to provide advice to users and receive recommendations. Tools in hand, you glean contacts, participate in discussion groups on specific topics (hubs), maintain your relationships with other members, update your profile, etc.. These steps require time and patience without being paid in the end. Therefore, do not give other media job search. Only 2% of recruitments take place on social networks today.

Note, there is no need to register on multiple networks. Focus primarily on a network, which is consistent with your business goals.

Controlling the flow of information
Controlling the flow of information means to manage your contacts and your image.

Manage your contacts
Colleagues, suppliers, customers, etc.. your first "friends" are part of your entourage. Leading to another, their relations also become yours. You weave, and a network of increasingly broad. More than just contacts, they advise you, you share their tips and help you boost your career or find a new job. A real relationship of trust is therefore essential. The danger: let invade. To avoid this, you have the right to refuse contacts, appointments and even a job.

Manage your virtual image
Every word, critical or embarrassing picture posted on your personal page can play against you with recruiters and break at the same time, your e-reputation. They reach it, in fact, easily to your account. Often self-feed a page on major social networks. Moreover, nothing can be erased or hard on the net. The management of human resources collection, thereby, via the Internet a wealth of information about you without moving. So, beware of inconsistencies between the various information posted on the web and the ones you sent to the company. Only solution: lock access to certain pages of your "characters".

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